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Varsity Roster

2 Laila Hixon

Grade: 10
Position: S
Height: 5’4″

Played vollebyall for 3 years.

food: fries, pasta, Arabic food
quote: “You, me, or nobody is gonna hit as hard as life. But, it ain’t how hard you hit; its about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward.”
class: Language Arts
volleyball memory: When we all went to the University of Georgia camp and bonded together.

Instagram – @_lailhixon_

3 Kayla Johnson

Grade: 12
Position: S/RS
Height: 5’9″

My volleyball experience has been interesting. I started out as a setter but in order to become more versatile, I played other positions. Now, I’m a right-side hitter/setter.

food: anything spicy
class: Math, but also social studies because I learn somewhat about my history.
volleyball memory: winning the national championships twice in a row with my favorite people.

Twitter: @K_IMAN03 instagram: @_kaylaiman_

4 Elena Brown

Grade: 10
Position: DS
Height: 5’3″

Elena was introduced to volleyball when she was 12 years old.  She started playing on her middle school team and also played rec. ball. She wanted to play more competitively so she started playing travel ball at the age of 13. Elena has been playing volleyball for four years. As a freshman, Elena was picked to join North Cobb High School volleyball team as a DS. Once she graduates high school she plans to continue playing volleyball in college.

5 Khemille Brown

Grade: 11
Position: DS
Height: 5’3″

Hi!! I’m Khemille Brown and I have been playing volleyball since 5th grade. My favorite food is mashed potatoes and my favorite class in school is yearbook. I think my favorite volleyball memory would have to be going on a serving run in the third set at lil big south. My favorite quote is “let’s get crazy!” -Bob Ross
ig: @khemille

6 Kalana Garner

Grade: 12
Position: MB
Height: 5’8”

I am an honors student with journalism under my belt. I have been a part of the North Cobb volleyball program for five years. Playing three years on varsity has exposed me to bigger and better competition while enjoying and playing the game I love. One of my favorite memories as a varsity player was making it to the sweet sixteen my junior year. When high school season comes to an end, you can still catch me on the court, playing on the 575 18-1s volleyball team!
I enjoy eating a Jimmy Johns sandwich as a quick pick me up during long tournaments, I also enjoy a Chick-fil-A sandwich and I LOVEE ice cream!!!! Giving off positive energy is what is always important to me, “A beautiful day begins with a beautiful mindset” is a quote I always like to keep in mind while starting off each and every day.
One of my many hobbies is taking pictures, so don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @kkalanaaa💗

7 Katrin Ivanova


A short bio with player experience.

volleyball memory:

social media

8 Ryanne Fazio

Grade: 10
Position: RH
Height: 5’9″

food: goldfish, Chick-fil-A
quote:  “its not how good u are its how good you want to be”
class: Math

volleyball memory: getting 5 blocks in a row against Marietta

instagram: @ryanne.fazio


9 Ellie Boyle

Grade: 11
Position: OH
Height: 5’11”

I started volleyball in 3rd grade at the YMCA. I then came to CAJ for my first year of club on 12-4s. The upcoming years I played on the ones team and even got to go to Nationals 4 years in a row. This past year, I was on 16-2 and we unfortunately weren’t able to finish the season. I’ve been with North Cobb for the past 6 years. I played two seasons of middle school ball at NC until I hopped over to play my 8th grade year at Kennesaw Mountain. Ive been on Varsity since I was a freshman but i wasn’t able to play my sophomore year due to two intense knee surgeries.

food: sushi, Big Pie in the Sky
quote: “I’d rather lick a cheese grater.” -Five
course: Chemistry
volleyball memory: Finishing 3rd at Nationals with my 14s club team.
social media: @ellieboyleeee on instagram

10 Carson Walker

Grade: 10
Position: OH
Height: 5’7″

I have played for North Cobb since 7th grade

food: Chick-fil-A, chocolate chip cookies, goldfish
quote: ”we fall we break we fail but then, we rise, we heal, we overcome”
class: math

volleyball memory: being in a super close game against creek view and being tied in the third set getting that last kill to end the game and win!

Instagram: @carsonnwalker

11 Chris Pratcher

Grade: 12
Position: MB
Height: 6’1″

I started learning to play volleyball in 7th grade at VolleyOne Academy, later in 8th grade I tried out and made my first local club team, 14U Real Volleyball Academy (RVA). Then my freshman year I made the JV team played right side and middle and was awarded Most Improved and played 15-2s at Cobb Atlanta. After, my sophomore year I made Varsity and became the starting middle blocker and played 16-1s at Cobb Atlanta and was named a 2019 AVCA Phenom. Junior year I earned First-Team All Region and became a GACA All-Star and made 17-1s at Cobb Atlanta. I like strawberries, kiwis, Ben and Jerry’s Half Baked ice cream. My favorite quote, “Beauty in struggle, ugliness in the success”. I like Computer Science. My favorite volleyball memory is anytime I play against a Club teammate or Coach during high school season. My Instagram is @chrispratcher

12 Serena Xu

Grade: 11
Position: DS
Height: 5’5″

I have been playing since I was 10. I have played at the YMCA, middle school, club, JV and now Varsity as DS.

Food: sushi, ramen, taco, meat…
Quote: “Greatness from small beginnings”
Class: Science

volleyball memory:
the most recent that’s on the top of my mind was that one time at practice where i was trying to get a shanked ball, but it ended up taking a long time coming down as it got knocked around the basketball hoop and all i could hear in the background was kayla yelling “you got it! you got it!” idk,,

13 Sam Sanchez

Grade: 12
Position: DS
Height: 5’3″

My name is Samantha Sanchez, I am a senior at North Cobb High, I’ve been playing since my freshman year and I’m planing to play club all 4 years. I’m 5’3 and a Ds. My favorite subject in school is math and science.  One of my favorite quotes is “Great things never come from comfort zones”  and “it’s not how big you are but how big you play” by John Wooden. And my Instagram is @samanthasanchezzz_

14 Camden Weigle

Grade: 11
Position: DH
Height: 5’5″

 I started playing volleyball 6 years ago and haven’t stopped since. i have always loved the sport being that my whole family had played it. growing up i probably played every position until i found one that really stuck with me. i played with my middle school feeder team and than high school, also through out that i played club volleyball at Cobb Atlanta and 575. nothing makes me more excited than going to a big tournament with my team and spending my day with them. I have always loved played volleyball, and couldn’t imagine not playing this sport.

food: Caesar salad
quote:  “what is life without a little risk” – J.K Rowling
class: Math
volleyball memory: wining MVP my freshman year and the warrior award my sophomore year.

instagram: camdenweigle_ snapchat: camden_weigle

15 Miya Everage

Grade: 10
Position: OH
Height: 5’5″

food:  sushi and hot wings
quote: “it’s the one thing you can control. you are responsible for how people remember you- or don’t. so don’t take it lightly” -Kobe Bryant
class: algebra

volleyball memory: I had a rough club season and at the last tournament of the season i played the best i had played all season and my coach let me know after the game how proud of me she was and we had a good talk. Coach Taisa made the biggest impact on me as a coach and to this day i appreciate her so much and that conversation as well.

Instagram: @miyaxeverage

JV Roster

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2Ryan Lacey
4Jaclyn Dvorak
5Mary Anglin
6Jasmin Edwards
7Itoro Okpok
8Taylor Watt
9Lucy Costello
10Gio Talone
11Alex James
12Gabi Head
14Savannah Bywaterssparky
15Casey Simpson
16Titomi Adeyinka
17Hannah Lumpkin
18Imani Mensah
20Annabel Gordon

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