North Cobb Lady Warriors Volleyball Booster Club Frequently Asked Questions (Varsity/Junior Varsity) 

1. How much are Booster Dues if I am selected for a Varsity or JV team? 

Booster Dues for a Varsity Player are $500 per year and for a JV player are $450.00 per year.  All fees are due at commitment night May 18.  All fees must be paid in full prior to Aug 5 or there will be an additional $25 charge added.

2. What do I get for the annual dues? 

Varsity and JV players are issued practice T-shirts, spandex, knee pads and socks. Jerseys are on loan, but must be replaced periodically so fees help support replacements. Fees cover some coaching expenses, as well as other team costs, such as tournament entry fees, referee costs, and Hudl video. 

3. Why are shoes not included? 

Teams are not required to have matching shoes, although it does improve our team’s appearance when all uniform gear match. Coach Sansing normally likes all players to have the same shoes if possible. This year, we have eliminated the team shoe to help save money.  

4. Are there any other fees I will have to pay? 

In years past we have asked each player to pay a $10 concession restocking fee, however this year we have decided to include this in your dues.

5. Will the parents be expected to volunteer for any events? 

Yes, parent involvement is CRUCIAL for team success!! Varsity and JV players may not be able to take buses to away games.   You will be asked to sign up to drive players when needed. Players get very hungry before and during long matches. Parents will be assigned to bring food for the team at least one game per season. At tournaments, parents will be asked to contribute to their food tables. This is a great way to offer variety to our players and ensure they are eating healthy, nutritional food so they play at their best! You will also be asked to sign up for at least 2 three hour shifts (per player) to work the gate or concession stand during Saturday tournaments at home.  In order to be certain that every player’s parent or guardian participates, you will be asked to provide a $100.00 check at Commitment night. When you work the shifts you have signed up for then your $100 check will be returned.   If you fail to work the shift you signed up for or do not sign up for two shifts,  your fee will be donated to the booster account.

6. When do Varsity and JV players practice? 

Varsity and JV practice every weekday afternoon at times set by their coaches. These times are normally 4:30 – 6:45.  Please don’t expect them to always end on time. Sometimes things run them over, so please be understanding and do not hunt for them in the gym or text/call them as they may be meeting with their coaches. Talk to your players for additional practice information and expectations after they have met with their coaches. 

7. When are the Varsity and JV Games? 

The Varsity and JV schedules will be posted on the northcobbvolleyball.org website.  Your players will also know their schedule of games. There are typically 1-2 per week, with Saturday tournaments throughout the season. Talk to your player first for game information and additional expectations. 

8. Will there be any fundraisers this season? 

We expect to have a couple of parent volunteers to head up fundraiser planning so consider how you might contribute. Fundraisers are a critical part of keeping dues low. 

9. What is commitment night and will I need to do or bring anything? 

Commitment night is scheduled for Wednesday May 18th, 6:00-8pm in the Performing Arts Center.  Parents/Guardians are expected to attend. This is important because this is where your player will be assigned a jersey, you will pay your Booster dues, learn parent expectations, and meet the coaches, as well as other team parents. There will be more information available that night for the upcoming season. 

All fees must be paid in full prior to Aug. 5 or there will be an additional $25 charge added.

*** Please ensure you put your child’s first and last name in the subject block along with its purpose so that we can apply your money appropriately. 

We do have a few seniors this year and senior parents do not typically hold booster positions during their player’s senior year. We will need energetic, enthusiastic, team oriented parents to volunteer for the positions, such as senior night coordinator, and banquet coordinator.  It is everyone’s responsibility to pitch in so the players have a great team experience. Parents are the role models so please consider how you will volunteer this season. 

At the high school level, players are expected to be mature and capable of communicating any plans, last minute changes, or team responsibilities to their parents/guardians. Please check with your player first for volleyball related questions. Your player will ask the coaches. If you have Booster related questions, you can email Booster at NorthCobbVolleyball@gmail.com 

We are looking forward to a terrific season! 

Go Lady Warriors!!